Kyros Trade Pvt Ltd

Ready To Eat

We are world-class manufactures of the sterilized fruits, vegetables, pulses and Ready to Eat. Our Ready to Eat products do not contain any preservative and do not require refrigeration until opened. They have shelf life of 18 months from the date of manufacturing.

These cuisines are recreated by our Master Chefs following the traditional methods of preparations and made available to you in convenient shelf stable Ready-to-Eat packs.

Ready To Eat Fruits & Vegetables

Sweet Corn On The Cob In Vacuum Packing

Sweet Corn Kernels in Vacuum Packing

Whole Beat in Vacuum Packing

Sliced Beat in Vacuum Packing

Pomegranate Seeds in Vacuum Packing

Green Peas in Vacuum Packing

Sweet Corn Kernels in Cans

Baby Corn in Cans

Green Peas in Cans

Ready To Eat Cuisines

Ready To Eat Soups in Pouch

Ready To Eat Sauces in Pouch

Ready To Eat Indian Curries in Pouch

Ready To Eat Indian Rices in Pouch

Ready To Eat Desserts in Pouch

Ready To Eat Soups in Cans

Ready To Eat Sauces in Cans

Ready To Eat Indian Curries in Cans

Ready To Eat Indian Rices in Cans

Ready To Eat Desserts in Cans

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